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E-Learning for life-long learning and new skill acquisition with course certificate completion and preparation for international certification examinations in certain courses is now available at Yabatech Consult! Tailored to deliver learning material to you "as needed and when required" electronically, Yabatech Consult e-Learning Centre is now your gateway to life-long e-learning courses leading to certificate of completion from Yabatech Consult with option to international qualifications where applicable. You Register! You Choose! You learn! your convenience. Using the e-learning model as the basis of delivery, Yabatech Consult e-Learning Centre climbs a notch up by empowering you with the ability to learn and acquire new skills while still in school or awaiting higher education admission and without any disruption to your hectic schedule at work. This course is open to everyone on subscription to Yabatech Consult e-Learning programmes.


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Note: The login code to be used in the Login Interfaces above is the one shown in your eLearning Center. You can access the eLearning Center by logging-in using the username and password you chose during registration. Note also that the username and password chosen during registration is only to be used in the login box shown on the top-right hand corner of this site.